The cost of being a member of Wilton Pony Club varies depending on the activities your child participates in during the year. Below is a breakdown of approximate fees.

The fees below do not include the cost of your horse. If you do not own a horse, we can introduce you to members and friends who loan and/or lease suitable horses for lessons or other programs. You will pay the horse owner directly for any loan/lease fees and for transporting your horse to lessons or events.


In addition to fees + costs, member families volunteer to help run club activities.

Member families volunteer to coordinate programs, organize fundraising events and participate in work days at our partner facilities.



Annual Membership $275 for first year, $265 for renewals (as of 2022)

Members pay an annual membership fee to National, Regional and Local Clubs. 2022 Fees:

  • National (United States Pony Club) $155 per year ($145 renewal)

  • Region (Metropolitan Region) $45 per year

  • Local (Wilton Pony Club) $75 per year

New Members joining after 9/1 may pay a prorated membership fee for current year and full dues for following year.

Mounted Lessons $50 per lesson (~$800 per year)

Weekly lessons required March-June and September-November (typically 8 lessons each season). Lesson fee does not include access to a mount (horse). Member will pay fees to use or lease horse separately, directly to owner.

Winter Unmounted Program $40 per year
6-10 meetings

Certifications $25 per certification

Initial D-1 Certification is required, all others are optional.


Rallies (optional)

Rally Registration $25/rally
Separate $25 entry fee for Quiz, Dressage Rally, Show Jumping Rally, D Rally and Tet Rally. Eventing Rally is a higher registration fee. No charge for Horseless Rally.

Rally Coaching ~$50/rally
Approximate cost. Coach sets rate based on number of competitors, time and location.

Rally Prep ~$40/prep

At least one prep is required for each riding rally.

Other Paid Activities (optional)

For other optional activities, fees are variable based on number of participants:

  • D Camp

  • Beach Day

  • Drill

  • Clinics